Thursday – inspiration and let’s talk about pain

I have had the unique misfortune of spending a lot of my life in pain. When I was in high school, I was hit by a car and as a result I’ve had dozens of orthopedic operations just like Humpty Dumpty to put me back together again.

Put Lyme disease on top of that and you’ve got an especially fragile and potentially overwhelming situation. Continue reading “Thursday – inspiration and let’s talk about pain”


Wednesday – exercise and attaboy!

It’s a common refrain in our lives (and even in this blog.) if you want to keep your body healthy then you have to move it. Movement is necessary for your joints, muscles, and mind. And it’s a great way to keep your weight in check (along with diet, we must never forget diet.)

You don’t have to join a cross-fit gym, just getting up and walking down the street is a start. (And then the next day, you walk down the street a little further.)

But here’s the thing, no one is going to stop doing what they’re doing (lying down on the couch watching TV while eating chips) unless there is enough incentive involved to stop that behavior. Continue reading “Wednesday – exercise and attaboy!”

Monday – Alcohol, pain, and weigh-in

This presidential selfie project that my daughters are doing is great fun. It’s exciting and we’ve gotten to listen to many different points of view. We’ve all been having the world’s most fantastic summer going around and seeing all these candidates (16 so far.)

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Actually, if I’m going to be honest there is one thing I’d change.

Because we’re driving so much to get to the candidate events, we’ve been eating out often at restaurants, and as anyone who’s tried to keep to an anti-inflammatory diet knows, it’s very difficult to keep to the dietary guidelines when ordering your food. Continue reading “Monday – Alcohol, pain, and weigh-in”

Friday – week wrap-up


Your heartbeat. It’s filled with peaks and valleys all necessary to keep you alive. If you didn’t have them, you’d be dead.

And like a heartbeat, living with a chronic illness can be filled with much of the same sort of peaks and valleys.

Medication that had previously worked just fine suddenly seems to lose its ability to handle your situation.

You have a good day and you get to go to the gym (or the store or sometimes even get out of bed.) Continue reading “Friday – week wrap-up”

Monday – herx, water, and weigh-in

Monday morning.

The good news is that I’m feeling better.

Last week when I went to see the nutritionist, she started me on a lot of supplements and on a Paleo-like diet (no sugar, grains, dairy.) She also wants me to drink a ton of alkaline water (I’ll get into that later.)

I did exactly what she asked me to do … and then all of my symptoms seemed to flare. The muscle twitches got stronger and the nerve numbness and shooting pain seemed to pop up all over the place. The lid under my eye is trying to communicate in Morse Code with its twitches.

If you are familiar with Lyme disease this is what some people call a “herx” reaction and it’s something that you typically see when you start antibiotics.

In a nutshell this is what’s happening – when you have a systemic infection those little bacteria are all over your system. They have multiplied and multiplied until they have grown enough in numbers to cause havoc in your body. Think of those bacteria as little balloons filled with toxins.

When you take antibiotics (or when you strengthen your body with food and supplements) you destroy a whole slew of the bacteria which releases all of that toxin at once into your body. Continue reading “Monday – herx, water, and weigh-in”

Friday – week wrap-up

Thanks for all of you who have reached out to leave comments here and on other social media about your journeys to regain your health.


The other day I got busy with my work, then I had to drive my kids to an event and before I realized it, it was 3 p.m. and I hadn’t had lunch. I was tempted to wait until when we sat down for dinner but as I was a little hungry, I knew that that was not such a great idea. I’m a firm believer in “if you are hungry, then eat.”

I gathered some leftover vegetables and tempeh from the previous night’s dinner, put them in a bowl with some water, a tablespoon of tomato pesto and one of hummus, added some spices, heated it up and sat down to a quick, yummy, and filling bowl of soup. (I also want to point out that the cost of this meal was pennies.) Continue reading “Friday – week wrap-up”

Thursday – inspiration and hope

Hope. Emily Dickenson called it “the thing with feathers.” When you are dealing with and trying to regain your health from a chronic illness, it’s just that. Some days it’s here, some days it seems to slip through your hands and fly away.

It is so easy to lose hope in the middle of things. A day of pain. A cancelled event. A restless night where you mind takes you places you shouldn’t go.

But then it can just as easy to find it again. A phone call from a friend, a pat on the back, a flower by the side of the road, a puppy licking your hand. Hope comes in so many different forms.

You just have to know where to look for it. Continue reading “Thursday – inspiration and hope”